The music I listen to.

11 de abril de 2010 Deixe um comentário

People keep asking me, “Gustavo, what kind of music do you like?”.

Well it is complicated to explain. Maybe not so much!

I do not hold the labels or styles. Just try to listen to good music, really.

When I’m listening to music at work, people are surprised by such a wide variety of styles that go through my speaker during the day. I start with Miles Davis through Belle & Sebastian, the Queens of the Stone Age to Aphex Twin easily. This week was talking about music with a man of 65 years who works with me. The subject? Demis Roussos, rumba and Serge Gainsbourg. Who sees that even scares. People ask me what i enter something good to listen. Some people call me a “personal stylist” of music. According to the taste of the person i try to indicate something that probably will like it. I have a friend called Lilian. And she is a teacher of reiki. Someday she asked me to indicate something cool to put it in her classes. I showed her some artists like Bonobo and some compilations of Café del Mar and the Hed Kandi label. She also asked me some nice songs that were quiet but cheerful, to take more courage for her students at the end of classes. Then I pointed out some acid jazz bands such as Jamiroquai and Zuco 103. She loved it! All her students asked her to find a way to distribute the new songs she brought to class. My friends when they make a party, call me and say, “get (get is my nickname), you have to bring in good electronic music here lately!”, Then pick up my pen drive and carry it with doses of electro and house. Everybody likes. My friend Leo is a Fusion drummer, so the music needs to have a good instrumental work. I have already applied Banda Black Rio, Nostalgia 77 and to his surprise and many, Planet Hemp. It is a band known more for their hardcore sound, but they have many influences from jazz and funk. Do not funk carioca, but funk like James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Parliament Funkadelic, among others.

The funny thing is, because I’m not listening pagode, sertanejo, axé and Brazilian pop rock bands, people think I’m the kind of person who does not frequent places that play these types of music. Usually I hear the following sentence for example, “today we are still going to Alambique, but you should not want to go. Bet you did not like to go into places like that! “. Well, if I was looking for places that just play what I like, I would be nowhere to go at night. One thing is what I hear at home, another is out with the intention to drink and have fun. The crap that people listen to so do not bother me. I do not like, but do not bother me. And at the end of the night everyone falling in Rebolation-tion.

Miles Davis – So what

Belle & Sebastian – Step in to my office

Queens of the Stone Age – No one knows

Aphex Twin – Come to daddy

Demis Roussos – Good bye my love, goodbye

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je T’aime

Bonobo – Kota

Cafe del Mar

Hed Kandi

Jamiroquai – Seven days in a sunny june

Zuco 103 – Treasure

Digitalism – Idealistic

Banda Black Rio – Maria Fumaça

Nostalgia 77 – Stars

Planet Hemp – Nêga do cabelo duro

James Brown – I feel good

Curtis Mayfield – Move on up

Parliament – Give up the funk